About Us

CSM Electronics is based in Wareham, Dorset and was established in 1989 to provide a quality PCB assembly service including PCB prototyping,  single & double sided SMT board assembly and fine pitch component placement from 0201 through to 50 x 50mm QFP’s including BGA’s and QFN’s.

At CSM we offer conventional assembly, optical inspection, X-ray inspection, in-circuit & functional testing and box build assembly services to include potting and conformal coating to provide our customers with a quality turnkey manufacturing solution.


Over the last 25 years we have developed an extremely broad based portfolio of electronic product manufacture, serving industries including communications, automotive, LED lighting, smart meters,  computer peripherals, gas, aerospace, drives and controls and satellite products. Our flexibilitiy in satisfying existing and prospective customer’s needs coupled with our responsive behaviour to their specific requirements continues to play a key role in our success.


Our skilled workforce are a key element to our flexibility and responsiveness and we continually invest in our people using regularly reviewed training programmes.


CSM aims to develop mutually beneficial relationships with all our customers and prominent suppliers. We endeavour to provide our partners with support and commitment to aid their success. Click on link to read what our customers say about us.


Our fundamental aim is the achievement and enhancement of customer satisfaction

  • We strive to continually improve our methods of working with and for our customers
  • We adhere strictly to defined Standards of workmanship and operate live monitors of our process yields
  • We strive to give our customers satisfaction with quality products
  • We have ISO9001/2008 Approval

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