Box Build Assembly

What is a box build assembly?

A box build converts a set of electronic components into a fully working product, such as a box build assemblysmoke detector, a garage door opener or a hearing aid. The box build is the final assembly stage, resulting in a product that’s ready to sell or install.

Our approach to a box build assembly

We source components from our trusted suppliers, to ensure strict compliance with your specifications and to allow tracking of all items back to source. Assembly of the PCBs and other elements is carried out in our workshops.

The next stage is mechanical assembly, ensuring the box build is carried out in accordance with your designs. Once tested, the final products can, if required, be put into their final packaging. We can also arrange for delivery to your customer, wherever they are in the world.

The benefits of using us for your box build

box build assembly 2Having us complete your box build offers significant advantages, particularly if you’re working to a deadline or want to maintain rigorous high standards for your product. It can also offer practical savings in time and cost, as you avoid the delays and risks associated with moving partially-completed electronic products between locations.

Please find below a list of full box build assembly projects that have been undertaken by CSM Electronics serving a diverse number of industries:

  • Electrically operated garage door opener
  • FM assistive listening device for the hearing impaired (multiple types)
  • High voltage static ion generators used in ESD protection (multiple types)
  • High sensitivity smoke detection equipment (multiple types)
  • Pipe corrosion protection equipment and interfaces (multiple types)
  • Pump assemblies used in radiation protection equipment
  • Intrinsically safe flame monitoring heads and control products used for boiler monitoring (multiple types)
  • Hand held distress flare
  • Wheel bearing condition monitor
  • Ship collision avoidance system
  • Smart Meters