Quality Inspection

100% Visual Inspection:

Our Quality Inspectors perform a 100% visual inspection, using magnification equipment, on all assemblies manufactured to check solderability.  Where assemblies are ATE tested, any part of the assembly that is not covered, is 100% inspected against the drawing.

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI):

CSM offers to automatically inspect our customer’s boards using a Nordson YESTECH BX AOI.Quality Inspection  The advanced 5 megapixel colour camera imaging technology offers benchtop PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage. This system inspects solder joints and verifies correct part assembly enabling users to improve quality and increase throughput. The optional four side viewing cameras add additional inspection capabilities found only on in-line systems.

Ersascope NDT:

The CSM Ersascope offers a cross-sectional, non-destructive visual image of hidden solder joints ideal for fine pitched devices with images from practically any angle and with enormous magnification range, the Ersascope is an effective method for inspecting all types of BGA, microBGA devices.   It can also be used to check interior fillets of PQFP and PLCC components.


The X-Tek X-Ray is one of the most recognised Non-Destructive inspection Techniques available to inspect fine pitched BGA’s.  Hidden or buried features  such as voiding, porosity, IC die and wire bonding, internal seals, solder joints etc. inside metal, plastic and ceramic packaging, become visible and can be analysed.


TestCSM Electronics houses 5 SPEA Easytest multifunctional ATE systems to automatically test digital and analogue boards. The versatility of the equipment enables us to perform ICT, Manufacturing Defect Analysis, (MDA) and Functional Test or any combination.   This flexibility allows our customers to decide on the best strategy according to the type of board, complexity and the volume to be processed.

Other specific test requirements that  customers may have can also be accommodated once the test parameters have been defined and agreed. CSM has a wide range of proprietary bench test equipment available including scopes, psu’s, multimeters etc for this purpose.  CSM can also offer a functional test service utilising our customers own equipment, jig and procedure, if required.