Potting and Encapsulation

What is potting?

Potting adds a layer of protection to provide a physically robust solution to protect PCBs and assemblies in challenging environments reducing the risk of damage occurring from shock, vibration or moisture.  Potting / encapsulation also enhances circuit reliability by eliminating current leakage. It also protects against voltage arcs and short circuits by preventing tin whisker growth.

Our approach to potting and encapsulationpotting

Due to rapid expansion within our box build department we have invested in the technology required to encapsulate electronic components in a protective layer which helps provide durability and reliability in the form of the PAR3C Metering Mixing And Dispensing Machine.

Based on the industry standard PAR3 machine, the new PAR3C incorporates the latest Meter Mix® Systems in-line drive mechanism (ILD) to provide controlled flow characteristics during dispense not normally associated with pneumatic machines.

Our processes help provide protection against moisture, thermal shock, mechanical shock and chemicals.

Selective Conformal Coating

As an added value to our manufacturing capabilities, our conformal coating services provide protective barriers over finished electronics assemblies to protect them against extreme environments, electrical leakage, and exposure to moisture, salt, temperature fluctuation, fungus, dust, and other environmental hazards and contaminants.

conformal coatingThe Century C-740 selective conformal coating system provides an automated, consistently uniform, dispensing of a variety of conformal coating materials for inline coating of assemblies.  The system provides accurately controlled patterns, film builds and full production capability in one automated process, eliminating the labour-intensive board masking.

It is programmable and laser monitored to deliver an accurate, adjustable, Fan Widths of 3, 6 or 10mm, whatever is required, it is self calibrating every cycle, with a fume cabinet drying facility. By varying the volume, dispensing pressure, and the use of shaping air jets, conformal coating materials can be dispensed in a bead, monofilament, or swirl pattern

We use Humiseal Acrylic Coating as standard but we can offer other coatings as required.