The benefits of using the CSM procurement service

To help our customers control both costs and production schedules for PCB manufacture, we offer a complete or tailored procurement service. We source the components your product requires, saving you from being concerned about delivery schedules or stock management issues.

Using our procurement service means you benefit from our network of reliable and trusted PROCUREMENT 1suppliers, which we have established through years of PCB assembly.

The advantages of this service include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Just-in-time delivery coordinated with your production schedules
  • Full traceability of components
  • Complete stock management

Allowing us to manage your PCB manufacturing supply chain ensures the process runs smoothly and completed products are delivered to you on time.

Customer supply of components

Our customers are free to purchase and supply their own components, which are issued to us as required.

If you take this approach, we ensure that all incoming items are clearly identified as being your property and we maintain full traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

Component traceability

All components used by us are fully traceable through our supply chain and manufacturing processes, to ensure all items can be tracked back to source, if required.

This traceability begins at goods inwards, where all components are identified, counted, labelled and logged into our MRP system. Separate numbering systems ensure that free-issue stock from customers and CSM Electronics inventory remain clearly identifiable.

PROCUREMENT 2RoHS-compliant stock is identified and differentiated using a colour-coding system and separate logging and storage of components supplied by customers ensures full transparency in the manufacturing process. Stock shortfalls are advised to the customer as soon as possible; excess stock is either held for future production or returned to the customer.

For enhanced traceability, we offer bar code and alpha-numeric serial labelling as an additional service, which can be used to track printed circuit boards or sub-assemblies.